Interior Design Wood Stairs

maybe someone will underestimate this one design. because people do not pay attention to interior design wood stairs, especially some of the big cities.
for example, Stairs and ladders U L is quite popular because it can be combined with either in conjunction with house plans, which generally has a rectangular shape. Unlike the case with a circular staircase, which requires a special trick to put it, for example by making a ladder stand alone in the room is quite spacious. The rest, position the ladder in place of the most easily accessible to be used as much as possible by residents of the house.

For some people who believe, should also be noted design based on feng shui because the stairs are very influential for their beliefs and way of life. People who believe in feng shui usually ask their stairs with a special calculation, direction toward specific, and how to put its relationship with bedroom doors, and so forth.

Some of those who did not use feng shui, most do not care where the staircase, the staircase function properly. In particular, steps should function well as a means of evacuation in case of disaster, like earthquakes, or even fire, Choose the shape that is easy to use stairs and not easy to get people to slip, or climbing stairs difficult. The goal of course for our homes more comfortable for the occupied.

With the interior design of stairs then you will have a more inspiring and meaningful to you and of course the family. hopefully useful and inspired her to design the interior stairs.

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